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"Love the tool, best purchase I've made" (Twin Pines Concrete Construction South Dakota)

"It has really made a difference" (Element Concrete Canada)
"The performance of the Rattle Stick was well over what I expected" (Strictly Custom Concrete Michigan)
"If you do concrete and don't own one you are missing out" (Strictly Custom Concrete Michigan)
"Concrete is hard work but it just got easier" (City of Modesto California)
"We love our Rattle Sticks" (Concrete North California)
"I'm getting better stamp impressions" (Concrete Works Company California)

"We are a small crew and it has given us the ability to pour more and get more done in a day, which equals more profits in the end." (Strictly Custom Concrete Michigan)

"It turns your bull float into a machine" (RW Concrete Ohio)

"What were we doing without one this whole time!? Works like a dream and provides a flawless edge on pool coping, decorative steps and more" (Rivers Edge Decorative Concrete LLC South Dakota)
"We are getting a better finish now" (Fabcon Precast Ohio)

Those are just a few comments from Rattle Stick customers representing the following concrete industries:
1. Commercial Concrete 
2. Decorative Concrete
3. Precast Concrete

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