Are you ready to

  1. Save money on finishing aids

  2. Cut hard trowel time in half

  3. Tamp rocks down for perfect stamp impressions

  4. Blend color hardener in 1 pass

  5. Eliminate surface bleeding and the need to spray water on top

  6. Maintain compressive strength

  7. Bring up paste on low slump concrete

  8. Get more done with less labor

That's what the Rattle Stick will do for you

All our vibration tools are designed to accept Makita, DeWalt and Milwaukee style batteries for unrivaled performance and endless run time

Dewalt Napa job.jpg

Other new stuff is our Venomcrete US patent 10899664. An organic environmentally friendly simulated concrete mix that finishes just like real concrete but renews with water endlessly.

All you add is water

The ultimate training mix for greenhorns