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Concrete Tools Screed Mount with  Clamping Grips

Screed rod universal mount with clamp on grips

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Quit drilling holes in your screeds!  The Screed Rod Universal Mount With Clamp Grips clamps to anything up to 2" thick.  It's 2 piece design allows you to unbolt it and rotate it inline or perpedicular to your screed. Set it perpendicular for upright screeding or bump cutting. With it set inline you can clamp onto any small hand tool and walk it or lay it flat on your rod board. The clamp on grips add instant leverage in any position on your poles both 1-3/8" and 1-3/4".

Use with or without the Rattle Stick Vibrator. Put one on each end of your longer screeds and stop breaking your back. Use you own float poles with the clamp on pistol grips for leverage.

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