Rattle Stick EX


The Rattle Stick EX is our new compact design powered by your battery. 6 to10 hour run time from a 6AH battery and up to 40 hours from 12AH batteries. Battery and charger not included. Choose your battery style and power option. Standard power is for 48" floats, occasional low slumps. The Super Snake is more aggressive for shaking 6 foot floats and everyday lower slump finishing. The Slump Buster is our most powerful Rattle Stick with an additional VPM range for maximum vibration. It has half the run time as the others when cranked to maximum VPM. All tools have a variable speed knob like a volume control for infinite vibration settings. "If you do concrete and don't own one you are missing out" (Strictly Custom Concrete out of Michigan) we couldn't say it any better!

Fuel Choice
Power Option