Assembled Top View

Rattle Screed Kit


The lightweight power screed is perfect for indoors, tight spaces, sidewalks, etc. It's so light you can hang it between a couple of top screeds. The beauty of this kit is you can break out the vibrator and use it on all your other tools. Comes with our Slump Buster power level. Best value in a concrete vibration system. Use the Rattle Screed on your higher slump pours or transform your bull float into a vibrating machine on the tighter pours. Run your big Flex volt DeWalt style or M-18 12 AH batteries for amazing run time. The main universal bottom mount works in numerous ways to lay your Rattle Stick flat on your screed or upright style that's pitch adjustable to grab onto your light aluminum box screeds, 2x4's or use with 3 x 3 x 3/16 thick aluminum angle from your local metal supply. The angle usually comes in 25' lengths. Set it up inline and clamp onto any small hand tool and walk it. Add a pair of clamp on pistol grips for extended versatility.

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